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What makes us perfect in the eyes of our dogs

Opdateret: 9. maj 2018

Great news for all of us imperfect dog owners; you don’t have to be a perfect human being in order to be perfect in the eyes of your dog.

Your dog doesn’t care whether you’re smart, successful at work, drive a fancy car, always look pretty or if you have a clean and shiny house. Your dog only cares about being

  • safe/healthy

  • fed

  • activated/stimulated

  • rested

Cover these 4 needs, and your dog will find you absolutely perfect! But wait; a respectful & trusting relationship goes both ways, right? If you should be perfect in the eyes of your dog. Shouldn’t your dog be perfect in your eyes??

Be honest; is there something about your dog that you find just a little bit annoying..? Personally, I have certain standards for my dogs. In order for us to live in peaceful harmony together, they simply have to learn certain behaviours.

Nothing fancy. Just some basic well behaved manners.

  • listen & focus

  • come when I call

  • walk nicely on leash

  • stay calm when I ask

Now, even though I believe that these 4 skills are pretty basic and should be learned by all dogs, you may have other standards for your dog.

And that’s perfectly fine. It’s your life. Your dog. Your decision. And your relationship. Regardless; dogs and humans have such different views on appropriate behavior that we need to have a basic understanding of each other in order to co-exist in a peaceful manner.

Dog Training with English Mastiff
Make the best of the time spend with your best friend

Is dog training too difficult? Way too many dogs are given up by their owners due to “behaviour issues” which basically means that the dog is displaying a behaviour that is problematic or inconvenient for the owners (not so much the dog).

Often; the dog is simply “being a dog” trying to cope in a human world.

If you look to the shelters flooded with family dogs looking for a new home, you might argue that it’s actually not as easy as it sounds to fulfill the basic needs of a dog. However; it doesn’t have to be hard either. Dog Training the Easy Way My greatest passion is to help dog owners understand dog behaviour and obtain a respectful and trusting relationship with their dog. I want both the needs of the dog and the needs of the owner fulfilled - to me; that’s what makes a relationship perfect. Now, I too, live in the real world where most of people simply don’t have the time to read up on the latest news within dog training, drive to a weekly dog training program month after month or train for hours every day. However; I noticed that many dog owners really wants to do the best possible thing for their dog - all they need is a flexible and realistic solution.

Which is why I decided to become a personal dog trainer.

I want dog training to be as obtainable and effective as possible.

Interacting with your dog should never be a chore - it should be fun!

I want to teach dog owners how to interact with their dog in a positive and force-free way while learning lots and lots about dog behaviour.

Dare to be honest

If you could choose only 1 behaviour that you could change in your dog - which would it be? I’ll go first (nobody’s perfect, remember); I would really like for my pup Elvis to stop barking at every little sound he hears (especially at night!) and yes, we are of course working on it...

Let me know if you would like to know how, I'd be happy to share!

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Adrian Kaule
Adrian Kaule
May 08, 2018

Great post! Good with a reminder on why we love our dogs :)

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